Amelia Akisanya
Maid of honour

My best childhood memories are all of the Christmas' and six-week summer holidays that we spent together! I remember wanting to be exactly like my big Cousin Funmi - adventurous, funny and always acting crazy! We have a lot of good memories, and now I'm so glad that Deji is becoming your husband! The first time I met Dej was an interesting experience to say the least (haha!) but I've adopted him as my second brother. You guys have supported me through a lot, and I'm so happy that I'll be your maid of honour on your special day. True love always prevails! Love always.

From the Bride: My baby cousin aka baby sister aka she thinks she's the oldest aka my part time PA lol. Still haven't forgiven you for your secret trips to London with Deji but my ring is to sweet. It's one thing being family, but when your family are your co-d's too, it's always a vibe. Amelia is always ready to help, even when I haven't asked. Thanks for everything thus far. We have so many memories and we're still creating. XX

Adaugo Wabara
Maid of Honour

I met Funmi in church 8 years ago and in the years I’ve known her she has become more of a sister than a friend. We’ve had more than the average share of hilarious memories, her positive energy is infectious and I wish her the very best that life has to offer.

From the Bride: TOO MANY STORIES!! If you were at my 25th birthday surprise party you will understand why she has kept her message short, sweet and straight to the point! Dugo is actually the friend that I go to her house just to sleep lool!! Some people know Deborah, some people know Funmi, some people know Sister Funmi, Adaugo knows Deborah Oluwafunmilayo Osisiyemesi Oye!! She is someone who constantly inspires me to never settle for less in every way. We have so many more stories to create, the wedding is another for the collection!!

Afiah Kofie
Chief Bridesmaid

Deborah is now not just a friend but a sister! She has helped me through some difficult times through encouraging me in the Lord and is always there for me, and not just me but everyone that she knows! She is blessing in my life and I can’t wait to see her walk down the aisle to Deji. Both individuals are two of the coolest people I know not just stylish haha but so welcoming and loving! I know that as a unit God will produce something so remarkable and use them to be a blessing unto others. I for one cannot wait to see what God has in store for them!I first met both Deji and Deborah in university! Myself and Deborah lived in the same university halls and it’s funny but the first time I saw her I knew we would be friends and here we are 9 years later!

From the Bride: Afiah was the first friend I made at uni. I will never forget the day she tapped me on my shoulder on the bus because we were the only black girls. Her words not mine "We should stick together" and almost 10 years later here we are. I'm convinced this friendship was not a mere coincidence but part of God's plan. Through her I met the best set of girls at uni. My mum's prayer for me before I left for uni was that I made genuine godly friends. Afiah was the vessel that helped and this come to pass in abundance.

Sarah Awobiyi
Chief Bridesmaid

I met Deji and Deborah separately. Deji was one of the first people I met my first weekend at the University of Portsmouth. He first introduced himself as ‘DJ’; as if ‘Deji’ would not be easy enough to pronounce. I didn’t find out his real name until several months later.

Deborah was first introduced to me by our mutual friend, Afiah. We were going to a party in our first year (2009) and Afiah brought her to my room. Funny enough, she ended up spending most of her time in my room. In fact, in the first two years of our friendship, she spent most of it in my room. She basically paid rent for a room she was never in!!

Speaking of which, don’t get me started on the state of Deji and Deborah’s bedrooms. They are a match made in heaven!

I struggle to write about how important Deborah’s friendship is to me. How do you put into words how much she means to me? She is not just a friend but a sister to me who has seen me grow through the best and worse of times. She is honest, encouraging and one of the most dedicated and caring person I have every met! There is never a dull moment with her, through her broken English and clumsiness. I thank God for bringing her into my life.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Deji and Deborah individually and together as a couple; and I can honestly say they complement each other. They always put God first and strive to better themselves. I cannot wait to see their union and what Christ has in store for them. I pray for the couple to continue to walk in the path God has created and to walk as one for the rest of their days. In Jesus Name. Amen.

From the Bride: Sarah is just that friend who has got you covered in any situation. Full of wisdom, she is there in the physical when you need her (including when you call her at 1am after a long trip from London to Portsmouth and you need a bed) and she will pray with you through the storm. Now, when this girl prays just know its a done deal. Lets not forget our shared appreciation for sweet wine!!

Kumba Bokoka

From the moment we showed up to church in matching outfits (despite never having met before) I knew that this friendship was destined to be! And what a beautiful journey it continues to be. I know you will make the best wife! I wish you a lifetime of happiness

From the Bride: I am convinced Kumba stalked me because she wanted to be my friend and didn't how to make the move so she decided she will watch me from my window and copy my outfit lol!! I kid you not, this friendship began because we came to church in the EXACT SAME OUTFIT. Not similar outfits that are the same colour, the same Zara trousers, black chiffon top and black brogues. We were out on evangelism at church and one of the girls shouted 'I swear Kumba and Funmi are wearing the same clothes'! At that moment we had to decide if we were going to screw each other or banter it out lol!! We've been inseparable since then, even to the point that Kumba and I currently work at the same company. I told you she likes to follow me lol!!

Daniella Brian-Akinlade

I met the lovely couple at university and I’m so happy to have seen their growth as a couple from badly dressed uni students to the beautiful duo they are today,and to be part of the bridal team for this special time in their lives. Deborah is literally like an annoying little sister to me. Thank you to deji for taking her off our hands! We appreciate you LOL!

From the Bride: It's funny, Dani called me her little sister yet I'm the older one (insert big eye emoji here). Dani and I lived together for 2 years at uni and if something was missing from my room, I knew exactly where to find it. She calls me the annoying little sister but that's actually her role. Nonetheless, she is my personal makeup artist and hairdresser who has always got me looking fleeky (@hairandbeautybylola thank me for the hookup later #IWasntPaidForThisAd). She has a big heart and always there to help when called on even when it's inconvenient 

Victory Opara

I have the tendency to attract “less than desirable” gentlemen;on one such occasion, at my sisters birthday dinner, a kind stranger stepped in to save the day. That stranger is now marrying my cousin and just as I knew when Deji saved me from the unwanted attention, I know now that he is kind hearted and genuine.

As Nigerian as I am it still grabs my attention when I hear a fresh off the boat, just touched down in London Town accent and that was my cousin Funmi.

I’ve known Funmi for a long time and I know she has a super power; she can bring people together and make sure no matter where you are or what you are doing you are enjoying! She emanates positivity,so much that she glows. 

Between Deji’s kind heart and Funmi’s glow I know that this is the beginning of a journey for the history books. I pray that God blesses your union. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your story.

From the Bride: It's said that your cousins are your first friends and that's definitely the case with Victory aka London. She was the first person I met when I came to the UK excluding the aunties and uncles of course. Yes, I had the thickest accent and all she did was laugh at me but it is well. As kids we were inseparable. From the days of singing together (L O L) to competing for the biggest piece of chicken to running youth church together; oh the memories, we've done it all. Vics is the life of the party everywhere she goes, if you think I'm loud, times that by 100 for her.

Temi Ojo

I am the sister of the groom. I met Debs Aka Sister Funmi around 7 years ago now and she was so quiet and shy. But now really she was hiding it, she has the loudest most cheerful laugh thats when she’s not getting her words mixed up haha! But she is amazing perfect fit for my brother. Not only did God put her and my brother together but he placed her as my sister from the beginning. Bring on #FUJI18

From the Bride: Temi tem temz. Sister in law of life. I remember when Deji was planning to introduce me to Temz, I  was so nervous. He has such a close bond with her and I wasn't sure how the dynamics would be. Temi has welcomed me into the family as her own and I grateful. I actually have the best in laws. I look forward to her buying my kids Gucci bag (she's the richest person I know), just don't spoil them to hard okay!!

Tiffany Otto

My absolute first memory of Funmi was her and her brother sat in church looking like that side eye emoji. Funmi used to come to church and then disappear straight away and wouldn't speak to hardly anyone. Mum would try her best to get her intergrated but, tumbleweed. Now I know shyness is not a fruit of the spirit, and still to this day she will deny it but the girl was SHY or RUDE... pick one lol. Obviously over the years we understood one another in more ways than one and now we have built more than a friendship, you're my sister. I'm not even sure how many years we've known one another but it's been at least a decade, which is beautiful because we've gotten to see each other transition into the women we've become and I couldn't be prouder of you. My side eye buddy for life, I can't wait until your big day.

From the Bride: Tiff is one of my big sisters that like to remind me she's my big sister lol. I thank God for her, she's always kept me in check. Such a great person to talk to who gives sound word based advice. She's also my choir sister, constantly messaging me for uniform list. Girl there's only so many times we can wear blue. Most importantly she's been a prayer partner. Since I got engaged, herself and another sister have prayed with me constantly every first Sunday of my month for my marriage and wedding day. I am so grateful to God for having friends that can uphold me in prayer and stand in the gap. I appreciate you and love you loads xx

Phyllis Reichelt

Congratulations Fumni and Deji. I remember the day when it all unfolded to seeing you embark into this new journey is nothing but Gods plan. You two are great people and I couldn’t match anyone better with Funmi. Wish you two all the best...Nothing but a new and sweet chapter to begin

From the Bride: Phyllis actually watched this relationship unfold. She was convinced I liked Deji, I would say nah he's just a friend, she would tell me I'm lying to myself lol till one day that story changed lol. Clearly she was seeing something I wasn't lol. She's that person that just makes you laugh with her very infectious laugh. 

Dotun Ojo
Best man

Known to us all as Donald Dots, Dotun is the best man and my older brother. The only one of the groomsmen to have known me all my life, Dotun has promised to roast me on the day with his speech, however I have my own clapbacks ready for him up my sleeve ;-). He has been one of my biggest role models in life which are rare to find and one of the few people I consult in. I have great admiration and respect for his achievements, except for the fact he supports Newcastle United but I dunno lol.

Dotun was one of the earliest people I introduced to Deborah. He has already taken her on board as a sister for which I am greatful. One thing both of them have in common is their laughs. The 2 of the most powerful laughs you will ever come across. Combined together, devastating. However, Dotun has supported us steadfast, always going 100 for the both of us and we are delighted he has taken the position of best man. 

Interesting Fact: One of Dotun’s best past times is eating cheese and drinking cocktails.

Sellasie Humado

I've known Sellasie aka Agbey from since 2003, when I saw this lanky skinny African guy burst on to the scene on sports day and take everyone by storm in the 1500m. We all stood in amazement and was like who is this guy. From 2004 our friendship was formed and since then we have been inseparable. He has followed me round like a shadow! You would have thought that when we had both gone to university that our friendship would have died but it only got stronger. As an honorary son to my parents and family member, you will see Sellasie on my designated seat in my sitting room every Sunday!

Sellasie was actually the first person I introduced Deborah to, both him and his now wife, Priscilla. If there is anybody who has seen the evolution of my relationship with Deborah more it has been Sellasie. Sellasie has developed his own personal relationship with Deborah, and has been a strong rock for the both of us. Without Sellasie there would probably be no Deji and Deborah, and for that we are most appreciative!

Interesting fact: Sellasie is a keen dancer, so much so he can dance from morning to night. There is no move I can put past him. My only criticism is the bottom lip!

Iyi Awosika

Iyi is another one of the groomsmen that I have known all his life. Iyi and I practically grew up together. From our first rave to Sunday league football matches, we’ve lived through it all. Iyi is one of those individuals who not just only talks, but backs it up with action. He is one of those few individuals that has inspired me to not only work hard but to work doubly hard in order to stand out from the crowd.

I first introduced Iyi to Deborah via FaceTime when he was based over in the states. I’m grateful that he welcomed her with open arms as he was one of those individuals where his opinion counts. To have him being a part of this journey is a blessing.

Interesting Facts: Iyi has represented England at youth level football. He’s also represented England in talking lol.

Dami Hassan

I met Dami in my first week at Portsmouth University back in 2008. I initially didn’t spot Dami at first but thought it was a real life Jeremy Cricket jumping and walking by my side (no small joke). However from that day, he has become one of my closest friends, and individual I can confined in. He has seen the evolution of me and my wife to be, from uni students to currently where we are today, and has been a blessing having him embark on this journey with us. 

Interesting fact: Dami is a avid photographer, who loves taking pictures of his scenic surroundings around him

Yele Alade

Yele and I have been friends since 2014. We met at church in Lewisham and have maintained our friendship since. If you know Yele, you will know that he is a celebrity. He’s the afrobeats King ;-), swag always on deck, trim always fresh with never a hair out of place, and never has a photo on insta that doesn’t draw a minimum of 150 likes. But that’s not the only thing he’s taught me. He was the first guy out of my friends to make an honest man of himself. I’ve learnt a lot from him and seen him grown from strength to strength over the last 4 years.

Yele was one of the first people I came up to when I initially thinking about proposing to Deborah. His sound words encouraged me to go about it in the right way. He has been a blessing to both of us and I’m grateful he is embarking on this journey with the both of us.

Interesting fact: As well as producing Afrobeats in his spare time, Yele is a keen coder. If you need a better wedding website than mine holla at him!

Emmanuel Anthonio

Also known as Emanuel, also know as Timi, also known as Rotimi, also know as Antonio, Timothy and I have been friends for well over a decade. Timothy is by far the most funniest out of the groomsmen. His sly comments and humourous questions at funny times is what gives him this title hands down lol. However at the same time he is what I call a friendly giant. With arms like tree trunks, he has one of the kindest hearts I’ve met in a human, always thinking the best of a person and always wanting to help others out where he can.

Timothy has known Deborah and I from early on in our relationship. He has seen our relationship grow and has had nothing but kind words to say. He was one of the early few who planted the idea of proposal in my head. He is also one of the ones who reminds me to count myself lucky. However its is a blessing to have Timothy on board for our big day!

Interesting fact: Timothy is a major lover of clothes, especially designers. So much so that when we played groomsmen 5 aside football, he decided to play in his 250 Prada trainers.

Rotimi Akande

Rotimi was the cousin I discovered I never had until 2011 when my parents told me I have a relative of similar age coming from Nigeria to stay during the Christmas break. From that day onwards we’ve spoken pretty much every week. Rotimi is the king of Nigeria. Nothing goes past him. He knows everyone and everything. He is the real definition of a Naija Boy! Rotimi is one of my closest people, that I can confide in him almost anything. Even though we meet up once every few years, it’s like we’ve never been apart.

Rotimi and Deborah are like best friends. They are always bantering back on forth on Instagram and snapchat. Both Deborah and I are honoured to have Rotimi as part of our train.

Interesting fact: Rotimi is getting married 3 weeks after us. If you catch him on the day wish him well!

Franklin Anucha

I've known Franklin from day one of his life. Best believe he didn't always look this fly. I have pictures of him where he looked like he could hardly breathe in his younger days! Pretty much inseparable in our youth, we were reunited again in 2006 when he joined me at sixth form. Franklin is an infectious, gravitating personality. The amount of times Franklin's jokes have had me postrating on the ground because of lack air reaching the lungs has been countless. He is probably the individual who is most like me.

Franklin has known Deborah and I collectively from since 2012, and has been a blessing to us both. Franklin has been vocal of the positive impact Deborah has had on me. Franklin has also been the only person to say Deborah wears the pants in our relationship, but I dunno lol. Nevertheless we are both greatful for his support over the years and are also grateful to him for agreeing to be a part of our special day.

Interesting fact: Franklin is the Virgil Abloh of London. If you ever need tips on menswear, please holla at him on table no.1

Femi Oye

Femi is the brother of the bride. However their surname is not the only thing they share. They are also the splitting image of each other, so much so you could mistake them for twins lol. I’ve known Femi since he was 13/14 even before Deborah and I began dating. The evolution I have seen in Femi through those years has been nothing short of amazing. I see so much of myself in him but also so much more potential that he will grow into as he gets older. Femi has taken me on as a brother and made me feel welcome. We have developed our own relationship and couldn’t have asked for a better brother in law.

Interesting fact: Femi is a keen music head. His love for music stretched far enough that he’s dabbled in producing beats and laying bars on top of it. Hopefully he will perform on our big day ;-)

Richard Bortey

Richard is my oldest friend out of the groomsmen. I’ve known Richard from primary school, when he lived on the road adjacent to me. Once rivals on that basis we since have become very good friends. Richard is one of the most stable guys I know. His skin impenetrable which has been one of his keys to success in life. Richard is one the smartest guys that I know, constantly breaking boundaries and barriers that have always been attributed to minorities.

Richard and Deborah’s first encounter was actually when Deborah needed a parking space in the city and Richard offered one outside his house. Richard has continued to be present their for the both of us and we are grateful that he is embarking on this journey with us.

Interesting facts: In his free time, Richard likes to play Samba beats on the steel pans and toured Europe playing in many different countries

Ebenezer Moses

Ebenezer is one of my oldest friends. We have known each other for 15+ years. However how we have lasted this long I dunno lol. If you know me, you will know one of my key attributes is my punctuality. With Ebenezer, add an extra 3hrs on to the planned meet up time before you expect to see his arrival. However over these 15 yrs I’ve seen Ebenezer grow leaps and bounds. From a kid who had bags of potential in high school, to seeing him fulfilling it, his success has been recognised nationally in newspapers. If there is any life you can take full inspiration from it is Ebenezer’s.

Ebenezer has known Deborah and I from pretty much start of the relationship. He has seen us evolve over the years and was present at our engagement when I proposed to her. We are both blessed to have him a part of this journey.

Interesting Fact: Ebenezer is Timothy’s cousin.